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Referee Information

Interested to referee for DeAnza Youth Soccer League?

1. Please register for a grade 8 referee class at

2. When you have completed the class successfully, or if you are already a current licensed referee:

Log in at

Fill in all the info. Use YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, not a parent address, (but you must read that email at least once a day). You will need a Social Security number (SSN). If you don't have one, you need to GET ONE.
And choose DYSL - De Anza to join our arbiter account. Our group ID is 111129

3. We pay via ArbiterPay, so you also need to create an account at, AFTER you have completed your referee class successfully

Thank you for your interest.

What do I need to do to be able to referee a DeAnza Youth Soccer game: You need to have a current USSF grade 8 (and better) certificate (all referees), plus attending a field clinic (for new referees).

Mentor Program: DeAnza Youth Soccer League provides mentors to the new referees and those who wish to improve their skills. You can ask for a mentor, or the referee coordinator can assign a mentor to centain games for all the new referees.

Our mentors are experienced and trained USSF referees who have refereed for years and are willing to help new referees. Read more about it.

How do I become a referee:

Are there any entry level grade 8 referee classes available?: check here

How do I renew my license :

How do I recertify:

How do I upgrade my license:

San Jose Soccer Referee Association website:

Laws of the Game:

USSF Memoranda - Amendments to the Laws of the Game and Decisions of the Board. ESSENTIAL reading for all referees, coaches and players.

DYSL Parent Code of Conduct This is what DYSL expects of it's parents and all spectators at games. We want to continue to create a positive environment for our players and this document spells out how we want to do this. Click here for a PDF version of this document.

DYSL Parent Referee Abuse Policy DYSL had empowered its referees to better control the behavior of spectators at games. They have been told to use the policy described in this document ONLY as a last resort after working with the coach and spectator. But we WILL enforce this with parents that are way out of hand and who make games miserable for players, referees and other spectators. Click here for a PDF version of this document.

Red Card policies & procedures (for referees):

Guidelines for the Fall season:
• Norcal – sign the game card and give it back to the coach, and record the score for yourself to update the arbiter
• CCSL – sign the game card and give it back to the coach, and record the score for yourself to update the arbiter
• Rec - keep the game card, and update the arbiter

Red Card (Send off) Procedures

Officials: If you need to report a send off (red card ) that was given in a CCSL Coast or Bay Division match click here. Fill out the web based form, hit, submit and a pdf of the send off report will be emailed to you with additional instructions. Please do this within 24 HOURS of the match. You should contact the referee assignor in the League that the send off was given and report the incident.

CCSL (State Premier):

The process of reporting is still the same as above, but the responsible party is:

Dan McCann
CYSA-Cal Soccer League Director
1040 Serpentine Lane Suite 201r
Pleasanton, CA 94566-4754
925.426.5437 x 14

NorCal - Please report any incidents (like red cards, unsportsmanship behavior, etc...) online at

Question: Is there any place I can look to see the status of the red cards?


Question: Sent off, How do I get my pass back?

If you are a player or coach that received a send off (red card ) in a CCSL Coast or Bay Division match, click the above links to a listing of all send offs given in CCSL & NorCal for this season.
The pass for CCSL will be sent to your League President or send off coordinator and will be returned to the team when the suspension has been served. Please allow 48 hours for the send off to be posted.
Referees do not keep the passes for NorCal games.

Questions? - Contact the DYSL Referee Coordinator for all DYSL referee related questions.